This is also in the Slack workspace, so apologies for duplication where it happened.

Anyone in New England thinking of going to CT DH ( I don't know what the interest level is in this kind of thing, but I'm thinking of proposing a panel or roundtable on Slack practices. I don't know if that idea is interesting or meh. I'm thinking of: how Slack usage has influenced DH or library organizations': meeting planning, agenda-setting, and structure; information sharing; org structure; best uses for collaboration and information sharing; Slack channel structures and design -- especially their relationships with other communication channels; compare and contrast to other tools, like Commons in a Box; anything else about Slack usage, especially as it affects other communication channels.

If others in New England think this general idea has legs, and would be interested in being a part of a proposal, please let me know.

Many thanks,

Patrick Murray-John

Associate Director for Systems

Digital Scholarship Group, Snell Library

Northeastern University

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