Thank you everyone who responded.  I am now much more confident Reclaim has something to offer us whether or not we end up using the portal product.


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Howdy Mike:

Passing this on from my distinguished colleague Wally Grotophorst:

I'm not on the list so I can't reply but if you wanted you could say we've used reclaim for 3 years and the experience has been uniformly great. Great customer service and no bandwidth issues at all on the 3 or 4 WordPress sites we run, several Omeka installs and an OS Ticket system as well.


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On 12 Sep 2019, at 18:13, Michael Paulmeno wrote:

Does anyone have experience hosting with or knowledge of websites using Reclaim Hosting? They are a small shop originally started at the University of Mary Washington and are focused on allowing people to have a domain/web space of their own.

The reason for my question my institution recently contracted with Reclaim. This means we have one of those branded portals where any students, faculty, or staff can create an account and have access to cPanel and such (basically all the benefits of shared hosting at no cost). This is a great service. However the library is in the early stages of redesigning our website. Doing so will include moving our site from Joomla to WordPress. However since the college as a whole is no longer hosting WordPress in house, we have been informed we must use Reclaim instead.

On the surface it seems like a good deal. Having a space of our own with cPanel actually gives us more flexibility than our current situation. Presently we have a Linux server hosted by IT to which I alone have SSH access. With Reclaim we can host a wide variety of apps, have our own sub-domain, store documents, etc. Essentially we'll have everything we have save root access, which we can live without. Plus there is a web interface so people other than me can log in and do work.troubleshooting.

My one concern, however, is bandwidth. Reclaim offers unlimited bandwidth for each domain. Infinity is a fine number, but given their focus I am starting to wonder if our use case is more than their system is designed to handle. Our website isn't terribly huge with about 40-50,000 page views per month and almost all static web pages with a modest amount of images and little to no video (I'm not sure what that translates to in terms of data transferred). However as the Systems Librarian I want to make sure to gather as much information as possible so we know what we are getting into.


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