We have a subscription to journal “Middle East report”.  I have trouble
configure it via EZProxy. There is no published config. I simply use URL,
HJ, DJ for its domain “”. While we could get to the website, we
aren’t getting the link for PDF download. So, I check the browser developer
console and found out that there is an AJAX request getting blocked because
“cross-origin”.   I added 'HTTPHeader -response -edit
Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*" ' to config. It did not help. I am still
getting cross site. And it seems like EZProxy did not recognize that they
need to rewrite the POST AJAX request to with our EZProxy prefix.
I locate the code in HTML source to an inline Javascript

<!cript type='text/javascript'>
/* <![CDATA[ */
var paupressAjax =
class=\"pp-loader-outer\"><div class=\"pp-loader-image\"><img
\/><\/div><\/div>","ajaxloadinline":"<div class=\"pp-loader-modal\"><div
\/><\/div><\/div>","ajaxLoadInline":"<div class=\"pp-loader-image\"><img
Moment Please...","closeThis":"Close","confirmAction":"Are you certain you
wish to make this change?","errMsg":"We found some errors -- please attend
to the fields below marked with <span
class=\"pp-error\">Duplicate. Please note new
/* ]]> */

So, I am trying to use "Find" and "Replace" directive in EZProxy to force a
rewrite of ajaxURL. It doesn't seem to work to simply do  Find ""
Replace "merip-org.ezproxy.{our domain}.edu".  Anyone has ideas on how I
could force rewrting this AJAX URL?

Thanks a lot

Kun Lin
Systems and Application Librarian
Whitman College

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