Dear All,

The Open Preservation Foundation (OPF) is pleased announce that the first release candidate of jpylyzer 2.0 is now available for community testing. Take a look at the special spooky trailer by Johan van der Knijff.

This release contains some major new features including:

  • Validation of raw codestreams

  • An option to generate NISO MIX output (code contributed by Thomas Ledoux of Bibliothèque nationale de France)

  • Support for additional codestream marker segments

It also introduces some changes to the output format. Since these changes may cause backward compatibility issues in existing workflows, there is also an option to generate output in the previous (jpylyzer 1.x) format.

We have also made a number of continuous integration improvements.

Take a look at the draft release notes for further details on the changes. 

We invite you to download and test the release candidate. If you experience a problem please report it on the jpylyzer issue tracker on GitHub or contact us

Kind Regards,


Charlotte Armstrong | Project Officer
Skype: charlotte.armstrong_7

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