My esteemed listmates,

I'm in search for a helpful online Graphics group where one can
discuss graphics issues.

e.g. where to find free graphics, the best software for a particular task,
editing graphics, etc.

If anyone on this list could please possibly suggest the correct software
to accomplice the following goal (or a good forum to subscribe to) I'd very
much appreciate your help.

I watch a software educational video download to my laptop. I'd like to
capture a frame on screen and print that out because ti has a good pie
chart, bullet points, etc.

I viewed it in VLC Media Player and froze the video and then use the
Windows Snipping too and saved that.

But, when I opened that file later it was terribly grainy.

Lastly, would anyone please share a helpful Gmail forum?

I've been struggling with this for about a month.

A trusted source emails me text and graphs inside the message bdy of his
email message.

When I print to PDF, it loses the graphic inside that email just saves the
text. If I cop the text and graphic and paste it into Word it loses the

In Chrome, IE and The Edge I've tried printing to PDF, Save As - noting

I must use one of these browsers at work so FF, Safari are not options.

I've spent hours Googling this, asking others who use Gmail and no one has
any solution.

Thank you for your kind help.