I’m working on a code project to lessen our manual overhead in converting image files (and also unchain us from having to use Photoshop’s batch processing capabilities for things we can do in the background instead). One of our vendors has us create JP2s for them and put them in a different directory structure. While I’m able to make all the files for this and move them to where they are in the directory structure, I can’t seem to figure out how to get the JP2s to save with the Resolution data of the original TIFFs intact. This causes weirdness when we open them up in photoshop, since the default behavior there is to interpret this as having a resolution of 72 PPI (they’re at 300).

The command I’m using so far is the simple `, quality_mode="dB", quality_layers=db)`, with dB having to change to meet their arbitrary file size standards for derivatives.

Can anyone give any advice here?


--Andy P.