Dear Code4Lib community,

The Code4Lib 2020 Program Committee is pleased to announce the list of
speakers selected for the upcoming conference in Pittsburgh, PA!

Code4Lib 2020 is a loosely-structured conference that provides people
working at the intersection of libraries/archives/museums/cultural heritage
and technology with a chance to share ideas, be inspired, and forge
collaborations. For more information about the Code4Lib community, please
visit the Code4Lib website <>.
The conference will be held at the Westin Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA,
from Sunday, March 8, 2020 to Wednesday, March 11, 2020.  More information
about Code4lib 2020 is available on this year’s conference website

WIthout further ado, this year's selected presenters and topics are:

   - Shawn Averkamp, Julie Hardesty: "AI is such a tool: Keeping your
   machine learning outputs in check" (15 minutes)
   - Michaela Blackham: "Evaluating, Repairing and Enhancing Accessible
   PDF's" (15 minutes)
   - Blake Carver: "Is My Library in Good Hands?: Security and Privacy Best
   Practices Your Service Provider Should Follow" (20 minutes)
   - Jennifer Colt: "Who will keep it running?" (20 minutes)
   - Stefano Cossu: "Brace Yourselves, the Archives are Coming" (15 minutes)
   - Katherine "Kate" Deibel: "Plaintext, HTML, PDF, and EPUB3: Who wins
   the Accessibility Games?" (20 minutes)
   - Jen Diamond: "The Agile Librarian or The Library Dev Shop - Using
   Agile Methodology to Build a Digital Library" (15 minutes)
   - Kate Dohe: "The Digital Is Critical: Designing Radical Library
   Systems" (20 minutes)
   - Brian Foo: "Visualizing Moving Image Archives" (15 minutes)
   - Alyson Gamble, Karen Boyd: "Cupper and leecher, tinman and shrimp
   fiend: Data science tools for examining historical occupation data" (10
   - Maura Gerke, Lauren Work, Cynde Moya: "Cohort4Lib" (15 minutes)
   - Mike Giarlo, Aaron Collier: "Amplifying Productivity & Joy:
   Lightweight Tools & Techniques to Help Teams Improve Collaboration &
   Communication" (15 minutes)
   - Peggy Griesinger, Jeremy Friesen, Hanna Bertoldi: "It’s Gonna Be
   Metadata: Getting Libraries, Archives, and Museums *NSYNC" (20 minutes)
   - David W. Hodges: "Visualizing Archival Collections for Fun and
   (Non)Profit Using Google Data Studio" (10 minutes)
   - John R Hott: "Using Temporal Network Analysis to Uncover Bias in
   Collections" (20 minutes)
   - Matt Jansen: "On the Books: Jim Crow and Algorithms of Resistance" (20
   - Jessica Lange: "Imposter syndrome, vulnerability, and project
   management: Leading an institutional repository migration" (20 minutes)
   - Natasha Nunn: "Intellectual Freedom and Technology" (15 minutes)
   - Eric Phetteplace: "Everything is Broken but by How Much, Exactly?" (15
   - Amanda Rust: "Design for Diversity: Towards More Inclusive Information
   Systems" (20 minutes)
   - Bess Sadler: "Design Sprints for Democratization" (15 minutes)
   - Jacob Shelby, Dre Orphanides, Ashley Evans Bandy: "A journey, not a
   destination: towards a more user-centered library discovery experience" (20
   - Eric Shows, Sara Rubinow, Katrina Gertz: "Picturing the Digitization
   Ecosystem" (10 minutes)
   - Devin Smith: "No Catalog? No Queries? No Problem! Building a DIY
   Discovery Service for the Prelinger Library." (10 minutes)
   - Vicky Steeves, Genevieve Milliken, Sarah Nguyen: "Let’s Talk Git!:
   Investigating and Archiving the Scholarly Git Experience" (20 minutes)
   - Julie C. Swierczek: "The day before you start as a manager" (10
   - Clara Turp: "Migrating clean data: Two stories from mess to success"
   (20 minutes)
   - Andromeda Yelton: "That time we fought off a Russian bot army (and you
   can too)" (20 minutes)
   - Huma Zafar: "A New Approach to Old Metadata" (20 minutes)

(A full speaker schedule with days and times for each talk will be released

Congratulations to all our selected presenters! Decisions regarding the
final program were made based on a combination of public vote tallies,
input from the Local Planning Committee about timing and logistics, and
analysis of the overall diversity of session topics, institutions, and

If your talk was not selected, or if you were not able to submit a talk
during the presentation CFP, we encourage you to submit a poster (CFP
coming soon!) or sign up to give a lightning talk or lead a breakout
session at the conference.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

The Code4Lib 2020 Program Committee