*Issue 46 of the Code4Lib Journal* is now available -

Here is a breakdown of the articles in this issue:

*MatchMarc: A Google Sheets Add-on that uses the WorldCat Search API*
by Michelle Suranofsky and Lisa McColl

*Designing Shareable Tags: Using Google Tag Manager to Share Code*
by Tabatha Farney

*Reporting from the Archives: Better Archival Migration Outcomes with
Python and the Google Sheets API*
by David W. Hodges and Kevin Schlottmann

*Natural Language Processing in the Humanities: A Case Study in Automated
Metadata Enhancement*by Erin Wolfe

*“With One Heart”: Agile approaches for developing Concordia and
crowdsourcing at the Library of Congress*by Meghan Ferriter, Kate Zwaard,
Elaine Kamlley, Rosie Storey, Chris
Adams, Lauren Algee, Victoria Van Hyning, Jamie Bresner, Abigail
Potter, Eileen Jakeway, and David Brunton

*Talking Portraits in the Library: Building Interactive Exhibits with an
Augmented Reality App*by Brandon Patterson

*Factor Analysis For Librarians in R*by Michael Carlozzi