Hi folks, 

Please consider applying for one of three technical editing positions
for the writing journal _Prompt_. I'm just wrapping up a term as the
Associate Production Editor and found the team great to work with. The
chief technical editor in particular is an outstanding mentor from whom
I learned much concerning stuff like LaTeX and Atom. The work you'd be
doing would fit nicely within the librarian skillset. Below you will
find details in the official call. 

Without ado further, the official call: 

The editors of _Prompt: A Journal of Academic Writing Assignments_ [1]
are currently seeking to fill three roles on our technical editing team.
This is an opportunity to help develop and run the production of an
open-access journal that promotes excellence in the teaching of writing
across the disciplines. _Prompt _is a scholar-run journal, and these are
all volunteer positions. The positions are: 

 	* Site Editor
 	* Production Editor
 	* Associate Production Editor

Detailed descriptions of each position are below. 

Our current Technical Editor, Jon Dueck, would oversee the transition
from our current team to the incoming team. You would be coming into a
well-designed and functional publishing system, not building a system
from scratch. 

Interested applicants should email a letter of interest and CV to
[log in to unmask] by March 31, 2020. The letter of interest
should briefly explain the reasons for your interest in the position and
the ways your relevant experience has prepared you for such a role.
Please specify which role you are applying for in both the subject of
your email and in the letter of interest. We welcome applicants from
varied academic backgrounds, including faculty and graduate students
across disciplines, librarians, and educational technologists. 

You can reach us at [log in to unmask] with any questions you
have about these roles or the application process. 

Position Descriptions: 

Site Editor 

The Site Editor for _Prompt_ will: 

 	* maintain the OJS3 installation, and related webserver and database
installations, for Prompt
 	* oversee site security, ensuring regular back-ups in case of site
 	* update and upgrade this installation
 	* explore and develop plugins or other customizations to enhance
workflow and UI for _Prompt's_ OJS3 install

An ideal Site Editor will: 

 	* be familiar with or prepared to learn OJS3's interfaces, both
command-line and web-based
 	* be familiar with or prepared to learn OJS3's back-end structure
(file structure, packages required, database structure, etc.)
 	* have basic background in LAMP server/webserver maintenance and
 	* have basic background in Linux command-line interfaces, shell
scripting, et cetera
 	* be interested in and engaged with public knowledge production
(journals, blogs; library or information sciences; etc.)

The Site Editor will report to the _Prompt_ senior editor and liaise
with _Prompt's_ production editor. 

Production Editor 

The Production Editor will: 

 	* oversee the process of digitally typesetting, producing, and
publishing _Prompt_ on the Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform, working
closely with the Associate Production Editor
 	* maintain and improve document production workflows for _Prompt_
 	* review and solve complex problems in the production process for
_Prompt_ article
 	* manage the OJS publication process for issues of _Prompt_

An ideal Production Editor will: 

 	* be fluent in Markdown, LaTeX, and HTML syntax
 	* be fluent in BibTeX format, and understand other citation management
systems, including Zotero
 	* be fluent in command-line interface work in Linux and similar
 	* be competent in using text editing software (such as Atom or VIM);
and in using regular expressions and other advanced features of this
 	* be familiar with online publication software, including OJS

The Production Editor will report to the _Prompt_ senior editor, will
liaise with the _Prompt_ site editor, and will supervise the _Prompt_
associate production editor. 

Associate Production Editor 

The Associate Production Editor will work with the Technical Editor to
digitally typeset, produce, and publish _Prompt_ on the Open Journal
Systems (OJS) platform. 

Specifically, the Associate Production Editor will: 

 	* use open-source tools (Atom, VIM, LaTeX, and Pandoc) to convert
copy-edited article manuscripts in Word format to Markdown format
 	* use Zotero to produce BibTeX bibliographies for each article
 	* use open-source tools to produce and make final edits PDF galleys
from their Markdown source
 	* use open-source tools to produce and publish the clea final PDF and
HTML version of _Prompt_'s articles

An ideal associate production editor will: 

 	* be familiar with basic Markdown, LaTeX, and HTML syntax; and able to
review documentation for these markup languages
 	* be familiar with citation management systems, including Zotero
 	* be familiar with basic command-line interface work in Linux and
similar platforms
 	* be familiar with text editing software (such as Atom or VIM)
 	* be interested in learning about online publication platforms,
including OJS

The Associate Production Editor will report to the _Prompt_ production

Michael Carlozzi
Library Director
East Providence Public Library