ReCAP, the Research Collections and Preservation Consortium, has launched a new cloud-based middleware solution to support key collection management and resource sharing goals for its partners: Columbia University, Harvard University, New York Public Library, and Princeton University. The Shared Collection Service Bus (SCSB), developed in 2016 and 2017, is a software system that manages interactions and transactions between independent systems, in this case the ReCAP facility’s inventory management system (IMS) and the partner libraries’ online catalogs. Implementing the SCSB middleware has allowed users at each partner library to discover and request Shared Collection items directly from their home institution’s catalog. The primary goal of the next phase of work is to standardize and refactor the current system in order to support its future development and maintainability.

Position summary:

The New York Public Library, on behalf of the ReCAP partners, is seeking an experienced senior software engineer to act as a Technical Oversight Consultant throughout the two-year project period. He/she will be adept at analyzing and assessing complex enterprise software systems with expertise in the necessary technologies to support the partners in the next phase of the ReCAP Shared Collection Project. The Project includes planning, code clean up, architecture refactoring, and the integration of the Harvard Library into the system. The primary role of the Technical Oversight Consultant is to validate the code and refactoring work of the selected vendor against the project deliverables. The Consultant will be engaged on the project throughout the project period, January 2020-December 2021, part-time or as needed depending on the stage of work or volume of changes.

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