Back when I was doing in the greater China region, Skype was our go-to for allowing participants who couldn't make it on site. Most of our participants were low budget -- as were we.

For the speaker:

  *   Mobile: I had speakers participate using the Skype client on their mobiles, or me using Skype to dial their mobiles.
  *   Mobile device/computer: WiFi + laptop or device webcam and audio/mic; alternatively, they would use a headset plus webcam, or some combination thereof
  *   If the speaker will participate throughout the event, keep the speaker muted and ask them to use the chat function to let you know that they have questions.

For the venue:

  *   Have someone monitoring the computer with Skype at all times, in case the speaker gets disconnected or has questions in chat.
  *   If the venue has a sound system, hook up the computer/laptop to the venue's sound system and use it to call in the individual.
  *   Use an omnidirectional microphone so the remote speaker can hear the event, or ask all speakers to use a microphone so the remote speaker to more easily.
  *   Mute your own microphone while the speaker is presenting so there is limited background noise for them.

And do at least 1-2 tests beforehand, at least one with the speaker.

Warm regards,

Alainna Wrigley
Publication Management System Coordinator
California Digital Library

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Subject: [CODE4LIB] Skyping at library events

Hi my esteemed mates,

Sorry for peppering questions but hopefully they help others on the list.

Our tech guy is gone so we're having to find solutions on our own.

I haven't Skyped since Microsoft bought them.

I need to Skype in a speaker for a panel I've created.

I would so appreciate your thoughts/suggestions re: all the equipment/tech
needed, especially since we have to be really budget-minded (a cheaply a

WiFi + webcam + headphone with built-in mic + laptop + anything else?

Thank you so much.