Dear ToSers,

Thank you for completing our January survey. Your responses reflect an interest in developing new projects and new areas of focus. A majority of us also feel that revising the group’s name makes sense. (Review full feedback here.) 

Action Item: survey for new group name and subgroup areas

As a next step, we’d like to ask you to respond to one more very brief survey that can help us structure the Working Group for the coming year. We’ve created a two-question survey that asks about a new group name and about your interest in potential sub-groups.

Please take a moment to reflect on your interests and capacities, and then register your interest in one (or more) of our proposed subgroups (or propose your own). Please also vote for a new group name that reflects these new directions. On March 3rd, we’ll stop collecting feedback and let you know the results in our March 4th call.

Link to survey: 

All-Group call in March

The other agenda item for our all-group call (1 pm EST, March 4th) is to discuss collaboration on a webinar for an audience of DLFers and non-DLFers alike to spend some dedicated time learning about the materials we’ve produced in our prolific three years so far. Ideally the webinar will emphasize that our group (and all DLF working groups), welcome participation from workers from non-member libraries.

If you would like to add any items to the agenda, or have anything else to share, please be in touch with us by March 3rd.

Yours truly,

Scott Young and Michelle Gibeault, Co-Conveners

Scott W. H. Young (he/him)
Associate Professor, UX & Assessment Librarian
Montana State University
Editor, Weave: Journal of Library User Experience
Co-Convener, DLF Technologies of Surveillance

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