Issue 48 of the Code4Lib Journal is now available:

Issue 48 includes the following:

Leveraging Google Drive for Digital Library Object Storage
Eric C. Weig

Building a Library Search Infrastructure with Elasticsearch
Kim Pham, Fernando Reyes, and Jeff Rynhart

How to Use an API Management platform to Easily Build Local Web Apps
Jonathan Bradley

Git and GitLab in Library Website Change Management Workflows
Keith Engwall and Mitchell Roe

Experimenting with a Machine Generated Annotations Pipeline
Joshua Gomez, Kristian Allen, Mark Matney, Tinuola Awopetu, and Sharon Shafer

Leveraging the RBMS/BSC Latin Place Names File with Python
kalan Knudson Davis

Tweeting Tennessee’s Collections: A Case Study of a Digital Collections Twitterbot Implementation
Meredith L. Hale

Building Strong User Experiences in LibGuides with Bootstrapr and Reviewr
Randal Sean Harrison

IIIF by the Numbers
Joshua Gomez, Kevin S. Clarke, Anthony Vuong

Trust, But Verify: Auditing Vendor-Supplied Accessibility Claims
Matthew Reidsma and Melina Zavala