Before joining CLIR, I worked for a small early trades and crafts museum that was housed in a stunning Richardsonian-Romanesque revival-style building. The building was a gift from a local businessman who believed that “a free library would be a means of public enjoyment and benefit.” Instead of bearing his name, he insisted that the outside of the building was inscribed with “Library” and “Free to All.” I feel that he would approve of the work that we are doing here at CLIR and DLF. If you are connected with a museum, don't miss tomorrow's (5/27) #DLFmuseums Cohort call @ 2 pm EST! The topic is controlled vocabularies and it is open to all. Click here for more details including agenda & call-in info. Now to the latest jobs on the board!


Data Librarian, University of Colorado Boulder Libraries


Economics and Data Librarian, University of Notre Dame


Director, Navari Family Center for Digital Scholarship, University of Notre Dame


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Erin O'Donnell


Outreach and Engagement Associate

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