We just got a grant from the NEH as part of the CARES act.  As part of 
it, we'll be scanning a whole bunch of stuff, such as evidentiary 
documents from some of the Nuremberg trials, plus the personal papers of 
an early 20th-century senator from our state.  The grant is covering 
rather more people than we usually have scanning documents, so we've 
developed a need for a few more scanners.

The material is almost entirely text.  Our archivist thinks that 600 DPI 
scans are probably sufficient for that purpose.  Many of the documents 
are fragile, so sheet-fed scanners are (sadly) not an option.  We are 
already equipped with some very fancy high-end scanners that can handle 
anything that actually needs high-resolution scanning, or materials like 

So what I need are some decent-quality flatbed scanners.  Does anyone 
have any recommendations, or things to look out for?

Will Martin

Head of Digital Initiatives, Systems and Services
Chester Fritz Library
University of North Dakota