International Journal on Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Applications (IJSCAI)
 ISSN : 2319 - 1015 [Online]; 2319 - 4081 [Print].

****November 2019, Volume 8, Number 4****

Quality Identification of Endemic Pagaralam Salak Fruit using Expert System
Buhori Muslim, Desi Puspita and Kasih Lestari, Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Pagaralam, Indonesia

The Effects of the LDA Topic Model on Sentiment Classification
DU Jing Wei, Jinan University, China

****August 2019, Volume 8, Number 3****

Intelligent Algorythm for Immediate Financial Strategy for SMES
Carlo Lanzolla, Giuseppina Colasuonno, Katia Milillo and Gabriele Caputo, ORMA LAB srl, Italy

Predicting Customer Call Intent for the Auto Dealership Industry from Analyzing Phone Call Transcripts With CNN for Multiclass Classification
Junmei Zhong and William Li, Marchex, Inc, USA

Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic for Fire Outbreak Detection
Uduak Umoh, Udoinyang G. Inyang, and Emmanuel E. Nyoho, University of Uyo, Nigeria

****May 2019, Volume 8, Number 2****

Support Vector Machine-Based Fire Outbreak Detection System
Uduak Umoh, Edward Udo and Nyoho Emmanuel, University of Uyo, Nigeria

****February 2019, Volume 8, Number 1****

Deep Learning Sentiment Analysis of Amazon.Com Reviews and Ratings
Nishit Shrestha and Fatma Nasoz, University of Nevada Las Vegas, USA

Innovative Bi Approaches and Methodologies Implementing A Multilevel Analytics Platform Based on Data Mining and
Analytical Models: A Case of Study in Roadside Assistance Services
Alessandro Massaro, Angelo Leogrande, Palo Lisco, Angelo Galiano and Nicola Savino, Dyrecta Lab, IT Research
Laboratory, Italy.

Gradient Omissive Descentis A Minimization Algorithm
Gustavo A. Lado and Enrique C. Segura, Universidad de Buenos Aires

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