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I’ve been following Small Data Industries’ (SDI) work on Starling since last fall. Starling, is pretty neat, it uses the InterPlanetary File System via way of FileCoin [i.e. blockchain], to provide cryptographically secure distributed file storage. There’s a lot more to it that gets too complicated to explain over email, but check out the website. I’m excited for all sorts of reasons but I think this is exactly the type of R&D work we need in our field.


Anyway, there have been a couple rounds of development on Starling so far, with funding from various sources. Ben is working with some in the field on an NEH grant to fund additional development and I’ve been helping to facilitate some conversations. In this next round, SDI wants to have more voices in the mix to try and make Starling a killer app for distributed storage on IPFS.


As part of this next round, SDI is very interested in exploring organizational requirements for encryption. If you are encrypting content, both for local storage and content sent to distributed digital preservation services, Ben Fino-Radin would like to speak with you. This will help SDI define the feature requirements for encryption in Starling. Please contact Ben directly at [log in to unmask] if you are interested in participating.


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