Hi Everybody,

Our next Infrastructure Interest Group call is scheduled for this coming Monday, June 15th. Leah and I have conferred and are in agreement that between the events of the past two weeks and managing some shifts in workload that we feel it is wisest to suggest skipping this month's meeting and reconvening in July.

We certainly speak for ourselves, and perhaps we speak for some of you too, we're just a little bit fatigued this month.

That being said, if there any members that have pressing agenda items that they would like to see covered, I can definitely make myself available. Please feel free to hit me up off-list and we'll aim to get the call-in info out. And as always, Leah and I are happy to just hear from you if you want to make sure to get a topic on our radar to track for future agendas.

And to that end, please stay tuned for a new Tricider poll to be released on Monday that you can use to promote the priority of topics of interest for our calls for the remainder of this year. We have some topics from the last poll and from our discussion on last month's call that we will get incorporated and the group can certainly suggest others. 

See below for the recording for last month's call - it was a really rewarding meet & greet discussion of our Interest Group members: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OpN3IiJj5Q&list=PLbrnSo90UuHgUR_4n8GjC2lE2MueP-Y2e&index=2&t=0s

All best,
Matt Schultz
Director of Digital Curation and Preservation
Educopia Institute
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