Hi Clara, 

For these kind of lookups, fixes, merges, extractions, transformations, LibreCat's Catmandu has been my "got to" solution for MARC (and other bib / aut records formats) ETL,


given how versatile, the modules it incorporates, the possible sources and destinations (stores)... hope I properly understood your need.

If so, here are some Catmandu resources:

* Tutorial:  
* About Catmandu 1.20:  
* Fixes:  
* Cheat Sheet - 

Hope this helps! (and I am sure there are plenty of Catmandu experts here :) )


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Subject: [CODE4LIB] Bulk Creation of MARC records: what to do with the 2nd indicator of field 245

Hi everyone,

I am bulk creating MARC records and looking for resources to help with the 2nd indicator of field 245.
I use python, but if there is a resource in another language, it would still be useful.

I have a basic dictionary of the articles in different languages, but there are challenges linked to context and added punctuation (A to Z, The ..., ... The ... ).

Thank you!

Clara Turp
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