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Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by news? Do you want to make more mindful decisions about consumption and (re)creation of information? I am happy to let you know that the online version of my project, “Understanding Information Exchange in Montana During the Digital Era” is now published. Visit https://bit.ly/INFOEX to learn how technology, infrastructure, and culture influence information accessibility, reliability, and shareability.


You may be particularly interested in this easy-to-use framework that can help you make more mindful decisions regarding the consumption and (re)creation of information.


This project examines how “everyday Montanans” make decisions about accessing, analyzing, and sharing information. Rooted in the corpus of Ivan Doig (self-proclaimed representative of the “lariat proletariat, the working-class point of view”) and the geography of Montana, this project is uniquely Montanan, while also entirely relevant to contemporary America. This project includes two statewide surveys and a series of interviews with “everyday Montanans” in order to understand how the digital transition has influenced behaviors of information exchange. 


Finally, a huge thank you to all of the survey respondents and interview participants for sharing their information and experiences via survey and/or interview. The project owes much to these individuals and it would not be the same without their engagement!


I encourage you to review the project at https://bit.ly/INFOEX and share the URL with others.


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Justin D Shanks, PhD
Adjunct Professor of Information and Society

Montana State University

320 Renne Library
Bozeman, MT 59717

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