If you are familiar with the Institute for Liberal Arts Digital Scholarship (ILiADS), you are probably aware that the 2020 Summer Institute has moved online. Why am I mentioning this here? So glad you asked! ILiADS has recently joined our growing list of CLIR Affiliates. What are Affiliates you ask? Another great question! They are organizations that utilize CLIR's fiscal and/or administrative services, which allow them to be independent, serve their communities, focus on their mission...and get mentioned in the Job Board digest, which I am sure was a key benefit. 😉 Now to the latest job listings! Have a great week, Erin


Dean of Libraries, San Jose State University


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Erin O'Donnell


Outreach and Engagement Associate

Council on Library & Information Resources (CLIR) |



Erin O’Donnell, MMC

Outreach and Engagement Associate

📍Based in Basking Ridge, NJ

Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR)

Arlington, VA  | @clirnews

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