The OCFL Editors are pleased to announce version 1.0 of the Oxford Common File Layout, reflecting over 24 months of work by the OCFL Editors and the digital preservation and technology communities.

The initiative originated in September 2017 from informal discussions at a Fedora/Samvera camp in Oxford, UK. These discussions identified the need for a simple, non-proprietary, specified, open-standards approach to the layout of files for the purpose of preservation persistence. Subsequently, a kickoff community meeting attracted 47 attendees from 32 institutions, confirming the need and resulting in the establishment of the OCFL Editors team.

The OCFL website at, includes the most up to date version of the specification and implementation notes as well as the latest draft. The press release detailing the release of the OCFL version 1.0 can be found on the news section of the OCFL website.


The OCFL Editors:
    Andrew Hankinson (Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford)
    Neil Jefferies (Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford)
    Rosalyn Metz (Emory University)
    Julian Morley (Stanford University)
    Simeon Warner (Cornell University)
    Andrew Woods (LYRASIS)

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