I'm not sure if I'm following correctly, but when you say learning tutorial, are you saying that you are going to make a demo of how to do something and then show that demo in an animated gif? If so, please don't do that. Animated gifs are extremely hard to cognitively follow since you generally cannot pause them or move them frame by frame. Videos allow exactly that. Otherwise, you're creating an accessibility and usability nightmare. 

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I have used Giphy in the past. I have only used the Mac app, but looks like they have iOS/Android and web-based apps, too:

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Hi All,

It’s amazing what can be done without necessarily having an audio/video department or a tech degree as I’ve learned video editing.

BTW, that video editing software edits; it doesn’t create videos or .gifs.

I was wondering if anyone on this list has created a .gif?

I’m interested in creating a learning tutorial making the subject in the creation animated.

Yes, you can use Blender but that has a learning curve similar to learning GIMP (which I’ve read can create .gifs but the steps to create one have not been shared.

I’m interested in any free, easy-to-learn/use software which could create animated .gifs?

Thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts/suggestions.