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As February comes to a close and March begins anew, the Emulation-as-a-Service-Infrastructure (EaaSI) team is happy to share our February  Resource Highlight,Software Scenarios for (Re)Use and Access Across Time.” 

It is important to remember that the curation community has been grappling with software dependencies and software preservation methods since the mid 1980s. You can find a little of that history here and here.

But in the last decade or so, we’ve seen mounting evidence of field-level advancement around the ways that institutions and practitioners conceive of software preservation as well as technological advancements to ensure long-term access to software. Given the recent gathering of software scenarios for (re)use & access completed by EaaSI Hosted Service Pilot testers, we selected two documents that are in conversation across time about possible scenarios for (re)use and access of software. 

We invite you all to review, compare,and discuss!

What are your scenarios for software reuse and access?

🔹 “Software Preservation Benefits Framework: Purposes, Benefits, and Scenarios” (from JISC, Curtis+Cartwright, and the Software Sustainability Institute ): (table with scenarios for reuse starts on p.2)

🔹“Exploring Curation-Ready Software: Use Cases”, (from members of SPN Curation-Readiness Working Group): (table with scenarios for reuse starts on p.4)

Resource Highlights are monthly opportunities for the EaaSI team to pluck resources from the past or recent past and recontextualize them in light of our latest activities. Resources range from staff blog posts that connect software curation and emulation, to current events, to capacity building templates that provide structured activities for digital curation practitioners, to influential resources from our recent software preservation past, to reports from our EaaSI partner organizations on their own emulation explorations, and more.


If you have questions for the project team, please contact the EaaSI Community Outreach & Sustainability Lead, Jessica Meyerson, at <jessica[at]educopia[dot]org>.


The EaaSI Program of Work builds on previous work to apply the Emulation-as-a-Service (EaaS) framework for access and use of preserved software and digital objects. The project is focused on scaling the technological framework necessary for multiple institutions to configure, share, and access software and configured environments. EaaSI is focused on a distributed, community-driven architecture that sits on top of existing digital preservation infrastructure. This directly complements existing efforts by the Software Preservation Network and others to address key aspects of software preservation including legal advocacy, research about local software preservation needs, institutional capacity building for software preservation, collection development, professional development and training, and workflow recommendations.

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