May’s #DLFTeach will be Friday, May 21st at 12:00 pm CST (10 am PT / 11 am MT / 1 pm EST) on the topic of Teaching Online and Accessibility.


Many of us are teaching remotely. How do we pursue accessibility and equitable teaching in an online environment? May 21, 2021 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) and this #DLFteach will focus on accessibility practices when teaching online. Join Ray Pun, Rebecca Bayeck, and Amy E. Gay, members of the DLF Accessibility Working Group, and share your thoughts and advice! Ahead of the chat, the co-hosts have shared "20 Tips for Teaching an Accessible Online Course" ( to read as you're able.


Questions for May’s chat will be:


Q1: What are some of your challenges in supporting accessibility broadly (e.g. online, in person, or hybrid) in your libraries

Q2: What are some tips you have for those who like to pursue accessible and equitable teaching in an online environment but not sure where to start?

Q3: WAVE (Web Accessibility Tool - is a great tool to evaluate sites and pages for accessibility issues. What are your go-to accessibility resources?

Q4: A common accessibility problem for PDFs-as-images is that they aren’t machine readable, and create problems for those who rely on text-to-speech technology. What are your solutions or workarounds for this?

Q5: How do we encourage our colleagues internally and externally to prioritize accessibility practices? What are some of your strategies?

Q6: (Last question) Tell us how accessibility issues have changed due to the pandemic? What do you hope will change for the future after the pandemic?


For  more information, visit our wiki at Our conversation, which will be archived and posted to this page, will follow the DLF Code of Conduct, which we encourage all to read:


We hope to see you there!



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