Friday night is Family Movie Night in our house. The rules are simple. One person (on a rotating schedule) picks the movie and the others have to watch, without complaining. Full disclosure: if a young person picks Dumbo for the 10th time, there may be some grumbling. The theme for my next movie night? Librarians save the world, of course! Fortunately, I found several online lists of librarians saving the day on film. So check out the latest listings on the job board. Perhaps your next starring role is calling for an audition!



Project Processing Archivist (2 Positions), University of Wisconsin-Madison Archives

Digital Metadata Librarian, Brigham Young University

Lector/Lecturer in the Digital Humanities (2 positions), Yale University

Community Archivist, University of California, Santa Cruz

Associate University Librarian for Library Information Technology, University of Michigan Library

Vice Provost, Dean of Libraries, University of Rochester



Erin O'Donnell

Outreach and Engagement Associate

Council on Library & Information Resources (CLIR) | |


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