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The CORE Technical Services Workflow Efficiencies IG (TSWEIG) is thrilled to invite you to register for its session during Core IG Week for ALA Annual 2021!


Date: Wednesday, July 28, 2021 

Time: 10-11am (PDT) / 12-1pm (CDT) /1-2pm (EDT)


To attend the TSWEIG session, please register here:


TSWEIG’s charge is to provide a forum to exchange information and discuss techniques in workflows associated with the evaluation, selection, acquisition, and discovery of library resources.

As we explore these topics during Core Interest Group Week for ALA Annual 2021, we are excited to feature these two presentations:

Jill Kehoe, Library Director, SUNY Maritime College will present A Tale of Two Catalogs: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times - how two integrated library systems serve one campus. SUNY Maritime College’s main library is the Stephen B. Luce Library, but unbeknownst to many is their second library onboard the training ship Empire State VI. The Empire State VI sets sail each year on summer sea term, embarking on domestic and international voyages that takes you back to a time before many of our students were born: a time without the internet. The Ship’s library uses OpenBiblio, an open source integrated library system, to manage the collection of approximately 5,500 items. It is housed on a local server, with an intranet page and limited connectivity to shore: select library staff can remote into the server only when the ship is at the college’s pier and connected to the network. The ship’s collection is not reflected in Alma/Primo, which renders the collection not discoverable by patrons, and therefore sits unused for 9 months of the year. This presentation will outline a three phase project to integrate the Ship’s collection into Alma/Primo, officially making it a branch library that patrons can request material to be paged from and picked up on shore.

Laura Haynes, Catalog and Metadata Management Librarian, Binghamton University will present How Catalogers Learn: Illuminating the Esoteric. This session aims to provide a holistic portrait of cataloging training based on results of a survey of 349 participants related to their process of learning cataloging. This presentation will provide information to potential and novice catalogers about common expectations from employers in terms of prior experience as well as what they may expect in their training. For administrators and those responsible for training catalogers, Laura will reveal common issues catalogers have experienced during their training, as well as will expand upon data points related to the number of years spent in the field, what type of experience catalogers had before beginning their first cataloging position, and how they were trained in their first cataloging position. Questions such as: "What percentage of catalogers had prior experience before beginning their first cataloging position, and what type of experience was it?", "What are the most common onboarding issues for those with less than 10 years experience?", "What are the most common onboarding issues for those with other levels of experience?", "Are catalogers learning faster than they were in the past?”, and others, will be addressed during this session.

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Your TSWEIG Co-chairs look forward to seeing you!

Jesse Lambertson and Sarah Cruz 



Sarah Cruz (she/her)

Metadata Librarian

Georgia Institute of Technology Library


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