Dear friends and colleagues,We are reaching out today on behalf of Educopia Institute’s community cultivation partner, Cita Press, to invite you to respond to our Cita Press Reader Survey.  If you are interested in Cita’s mission to publish open-access, carefully designed books by women, please take a few minutes to share your feedback (whether you have previously engaged with Cita’s work or not). This survey will help us learn more about how Cita Press readers and prospective readers engage with us. Your responses will expand our knowledge of our community’s experience with Cita Press and will inform our capacity building and sustainability work as part of the Cita Press: Getting Fit project.The survey includes 13 questions and should not take more than 5 minutes to complete. Please respond by August 25, 2021.Thank you for your time and feedback!

All the best,Educopia + Cita Press Team

Jessi Haley (she/her)
Project & Editorial Coordinator, Cita Press

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