Please join us on Thursday September 30 for the online workshop on Digital
Infrastructures for Scholarly Content Objects
<> at JCDL2021, held over two
sections (one optimized for Europe/US, one for US/Asia-Pacific). The goal
of the workshop is to raise awareness of quality issues and re-use
challenges in digital infrastructures for scholarly content, and collect
potential solutions among an audience of diverse expertise. Our intended
audience includes digital publishing and digital library practitioners and
researchers, as well as researchers in semantic publishing, information
quality, provenance, trust, workflows, text mining, database curation, and
knowledge graphs.

Please find the full program of talks below: for more details, please see
Workshop-only registration is available at
** <>

Session 1: Thursday 30 September 9am-12:15pm US CDT

   - Keynote 1: Akiko Aizawa: Natural language processing and information
   linkage for scholarly digital infrastructures
   - Matteo Petrera et al: zbMATH Open: API Solutions and Research Challenge

   - Hermann Kroll et al: Open Information Extraction in Digital Libraries:
   Current Challenges and Open Research Questions
   - Denis Nagel et al: Data Narrations - Using flexible Data Bindings to
   support the Reproducibility of Claims in Digital Library Objects
   - Florian Plötzky and Wolf-Tilo Balke: What it Boils Down to… The Case
   for Event Analogies to Combat Complexity in Digital Libraries

Session 2: Thursday 30 September 6pm-9:15pm US CDT

   - Keynote 2: Tim Clark: The FAIRSCAPE digital commons framework and
   Evidence Graphs for reproducibility
   - Halie M. Rando et al: Open-Publishing Response to the COVID-19
   - Robert Allen: Yoked Flows for Direct Representation of Scientific