Hey Jill,

Not sure if this helps but I just spent the last couple of weeks figuring
out how to convert OAI to CSV (excel) - so I could load into a database for
another system

To harvest OAI to local files use metha-sync

Then to convert OAI to CSV use metha-ls, my code ( is below


Justin Kelly

On Mon, Sep 13, 2021 at 6:07 PM Jill Ellern <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Code4lib folks,
> I have perhaps some stupid OAI questions.  We are moving off Contentdm and
> onto a platform with programmers that I’m pretty sure don't know OAI and
> harvesting at all.  We  have been thinking that it would be simple to
> convert our output of metadata that comes in a text format.  However, we
> see now that it drops the set structure (front and back of an image for
> example) especially since we have some collections that have different
> titles for the container (root description) and the images attached.  We do
> see a line with cpd but with different titles, it look like we might have
> to identify sets in Excel.  That sounds like a big job and a pain.  I'm
> thinking there is a better way with OAI but I don't know much about it.
> My thinking is that we can use OAI to move this data instead of text
> files.  I'm sure it has the structure built in...doesn't it?  Is there a
> easy tutorial on OAI?  I’m not finding much for the layperson. And our new
> vendor is pretty new to library land (they are in museum land) and we doubt
> if they know OAI and I don't see easy ways to teach them.  Do you have
> suggestions?
> Jill Ellern