Hi Christina,

Maybe this works:

1. export Markdown from WordPress (e.g.
2. convert Markdown to Confluence syntax with pandoc
3. import pages

Step 2 likely requires additional cleanup with pandoc filters or manual search and replace to not include junk and to keep internal links.


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Betreff: [CODE4LIB] Wordpress > Atlassian Confluence?

Hi All,
Recent discussions reminded me I might have good luck asking here (fingers crossed!) I'm faced with moving 2 internal WordPress sites to an internal hosted Confluence wiki. I'm thinking post > page. As far as I can tell, the Confluence community says to use a plugin to convert posts to Word and then use the Confluence tool to import from Word into pages.... This sounds... awful? I wouldn't be doing this if there were any other choice (well, besides SharePoint).

Any suggestions? I know there's a Confluence XML to move from hosted to cloud instances? Has anyone successfully done this?


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