Dear all,

The Open Preservation Foundation <> is pleased
to announce that the veraPDF
<> 1.20-RC is out now!

This release adds support for PDF/A-4 (ISO 19005-4:2020) including core
requirements, Level F (file attachments) and Level E (engineering). It also
now supports Java versions from 8 to 16. To learn more about the new fixes
and features read the release notes

veraPDF 1.20-RC <>

We invite the community to download and test the release candidate. Please
report any bugs on the veraPDF issue tracker on GitHub
<> or contact us
<> with any feedback or questions.

Our thanks go to all contributors, particularly the Dual Lab
<> development team, and the OPF Product Board.

Learn more about the release.

Kind regards,

Becky McGuinness | Community Manager
@openpreserve | Skype: becky.mcguinness1

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* <>*

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