I'm guessing you don't have Leganto so I'm not 100% sure if you'll have this functionality, but try in Alma going to Configuration > Fulfillment > Copyright Management > Digitization and Copyright Rules

You can create rules there that will automatically approve permitted things if there's sufficient information (eg publication dates, page numbers) that it's clearcut, and leave it for manual approval if not. Then you can have a staff member(s) watch (I think) the Digitisation Request tasklist for those needing manual approval.

If this workflow looks useful, the Alma and/or Leganto mailing lists will be able to help with technical details.


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Hi everyone,

Does anyone have an idea how I can figure out if a scan request is compliant when patrons request chapters from a book.

We are on Alma but I don't have API access. Looking to hack together a script to discover if chapters X and Y are less then 10% of the book.

Any ideas sometimes Amazon and google have the book's table of contents.
Are there any other tools ? Books range from 1900s to present.

I have page count in the 300 a marc21 tag.

All ideas are welcome I'm a bit stuck.


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