It's nice to have an opportunity to give them some praise.  I keep going back for more because I've found the programs enjoyable and useful.  The course material and exercises were practical and I, too, have found the workload and pacing reasonable.  

If you have any questions about the classes I know about, please let me know.  So far, I've taken their Certificate in XML and RDF-Based Systems, Certificate in Cataloging and Technical Services and their Certificate in User Experience for Libraries.

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I have been happy with all of the courses I've taken with them, save one.
After some in the class complained about that one, we were able to take it again the following year for free with a different teacher.

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> I've found them invaluable.  I've taken the six-month series on XML - 
> quite a while ago - and a standalone class on GitHub.
> The pace is not too hard to keep up on top of work but also homework / 
> exercises that are challenging enough to not let you coast through 
> passively.  In both classes, you were encouraged to work towards  a 
> local / personal project goal you might have, incorporating the class material.
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> she/her
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> Has anyone on the list tkane any of their courses?
> Likes? Dislikes?
> They offer some interesting titles?
> Thank you!
> Charles.