Hi Kayla,

At Pitts Theology Library, we previously used OpenRoom (, a free tool developed by Ball State University Libraries. It was a cost-effective solution for many years (mostly before my time here).

We then switched to Springshare's LibCal (, which has a higher cost (i.e. not free) but more options and a better interface. It also reduced our systems maintenance load because we were already using other Springshare tools like LibAnswers, LibGuides, and LibStaffer.

Spencer Roberts, PhD
Systems and Digital Scholarship Librarian
Pitts Theology Library, Emory University

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    We are looking for a free (or low-cost) booking system for a library space. We need to be able to add custom questions and we need to be able to approve before it is added to a calendar.

    Calendly ALMOST works, but you cannot approve before an event is added to a calendar.

    Any recommendations would be highly appreciated.

    Kayla Reed
    Discovery, Systems and Digital Strategy Librarian
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