Hi my esteemed listmates,

Have any of you formatted and partitioned a new external hard drive using
the Windows 10 Disk Management Tool?

I’m trying to format my new Seagate external hard drive 2 TB from exFAT to
NTFS as well as create 4 partitions as follows:

Partition 1 488GB

Partition 2 488GB

Partition 3 488GB

Partition 1 398GB

Wiki and Google don’t answer this situation.

When I get to the W10 Disk Management Tool, I wish to change the Format of
the drive from exFat to NTFS.

I left click on the Seagate hard drive and Format is an option. I click on
Format. A pop up box appears with the following menu:

Volume Control – Ultra Touch (the name of the Seagate hard drive)

File System – exFat which I can change to NTFS

Allocation Unit Size – Default.

Do I leave the Allocation Unit Size set to Default?

In the arrow drop down menu next to Allocation Unit Size there are many
choices ranging from 4096 through 2048k. Do I choose one of those options?
Which one would be best and why?

My plan is to then right click on that Seagate hard drive and have Shrink
Volume appear in dark letters (it’s all grayed out now) so I can then make
the 4 Partitions as stated above.

Thank you for your help.