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Here is a Library Juice Academy course coming up in January.

Introduction to Regular Expressions

Dates: January 3 - January 30

Instructor: Robert Chavez

Credits: 1.5 CEUs or 15 PDHs

Price: $200.00

Regular Expressions have a wide range of library applications, from coding,
text and metadata processing to basic search and query processing.

There are various regular expression syntaxes (roughly 250 and counting),
all quite similar but with minor idiosyncrasies that can be confusing
depending on what tool or what programming language you might be using for
a given task.

In this introductory course we’ll cover common Regular Expression syntax
and provide examples that will work in several regular expression
implementations. You will learn to write regular expressions that will be
usable for a wide variety of tasks in a wide variety of tools and
scenarios. We will use a freely available web tool to practice writing
expressions, but if you have a specific regular expression needs (e.g.
library applications and tools) we will take some time to explore how to
write regular expressions for those scenarios as well.

This course complements our Certificate in XML and RDF-Based Systems.

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