Following up on what Sean mentioned, we use MRBS where I work, and it was a
really great solution for us.  However, I'm not sure it will provide
exactly what you want because it might be kind of a challenge to add custom
questions (as far as I know, anyway).  There is a way to add one custom
dropdown field with established answers, but I think you can only add one,
and it must be a dropdown field (that is you can't ask them a question and
get a free-form answer... although there is a text box labeled "Full
description" but you can change that label to whatever you want, so that
might be a workaround).  Outside of that, it does allow you to approve
bookings and email confirmations and that sort of thing.  If you're curious
about setting it up, I have a video series on how to put it on a Debian
based server:

What I like most about MRBS is you can hack the code and give it some of
your own customizations.  If you're comfortable with PHP and MySQL you
could probably build your custom question fields and store user answers in
the MySQL database.  I don't think it would be super difficult to add a
table column in the MRBS database and edit the PHP/HTML to add a custom
question field on the booking page that takes the user's answers and stores
them in the new table column.  It's a little extra development work at
first, but once it was set up I've not had to spend much time
troubleshooting and maintaining it.  I certainly wouldn't say it's the most
robust booking system, but we've been using it for over a year now and it
has served our purposes well.  I guess the best part about it for me has
been that it's really easy to edit the code to make it do things the system
didn't initially do.


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> Hi Kayla,
> At Pitts Theology Library, we previously used OpenRoom (
>, a free tool developed by Ball
> State University Libraries. It was a cost-effective solution for many years
> (mostly before my time here).
> We then switched to Springshare's LibCal (
>, which has a higher cost (i.e. not
> free) but more options and a better interface. It also reduced our systems
> maintenance load because we were already using other Springshare tools like
> LibAnswers, LibGuides, and LibStaffer.
> Best,
> Spencer Roberts, PhD
> he/him/his
> Systems and Digital Scholarship Librarian
> Pitts Theology Library, Emory University
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>     Hello!
>     We are looking for a free (or low-cost) booking system for a library
> space. We need to be able to add custom questions and we need to be able to
> approve before it is added to a calendar.
>     Calendly ALMOST works, but you cannot approve before an event is added
> to a calendar.
>     Any recommendations would be highly appreciated.
>     Sincerely,
>     Kayla Reed
>     Discovery, Systems and Digital Strategy Librarian
>     Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

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