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> There's also the critical aspect of what format provide usable artifacts of the discussions. What information needs to be readily available later? I will 100% support email over other options at times when I need that. With email, I can readily curate the messages into places where I can find them. A chat space typically doesn't allow that, leaving you to rely on search which is never good enough. Or even worse, the artifact of a meeting is frickin' video recording. Sure, AI captioning might help, but usually the information you need is never presented as cleanly as in written text. 

Ugh.  You just reminded me of the worst part of online forums.

… when you have a problem and you find someone who has the exact same issue you’re seeing, and the last message in a two year old thread is ‘never mind, I fixed it’.

On a mailing list, someone will usually call them out to make sure there’s a record of the solution.

…although I agree video is pretty bad, too.  I can read *way* faster than most people present.  And no searching for the part you want unless there’s a time stamped transcript.

I try to put details in the author’s notes fields on presentations, so if I post them online, there’s still some value to them.  Otherwise it’s a slideshow of random things with no context.

Although I intentionally never posted notes to my ‘understanding science’ talk.  And asked that no one tweet during it.  And it wasn’t recorded.

… because the full title of the talk was ‘understanding science (scratched out) understanding scientists (scratched out) scientists are assholes’