Welcome to 2022 Digesters…hm…Digest readers? That term needs some work, but welcome back to the digest all the same! I follow CLIR postdocs on Twitter and enjoy window into the field that their posts provide. This week, a former postdoc had a must share post for job hunters: “Make your favorite comfort foods and get off twitter.” She finds the atmosphere for job hunters on Twitter is filled with inaccuracies and also stokes fear and anxiety. Her recommendation? Remove yourself from toxic social environments and “find a few minutes every day to invest in people that help you thrive.” So take care of yourself, mute toxic voices, and find the people that are there to support and guide you during your job hunt.


If you want to see what CLIR postdocs can do, check out the newly released Curated Futures Project: A Third Library Possible.


New on the Job Board

Bioinformatics Librarian, University of Pennsylvania

Eugene Garfield Residency in Science Librarianship, University of Pennsylvania

Integrated Libraries Systems Management Librarian, University of Georgia

Sr. Content Management Specialist, University of Texas Libraries

Archivist, Digital Preservation, Gates Archive

Academic Systems Technologist, Barnard College

Head of Access Services, Union College

Data Librarian, Union College

Liaison Librarian for Behavioral Sciences, University of Texas Libraries

Information Technology Librarian, UMBC

Director of Information Services and Spaces, University of Virginia Library

Special Collections Analyst, Columbia University

Director, Library Technology and Discovery Services, Boston University

Library Applications Developer, Boston College

Systems Librarian, Boston College



Erin O'Donnell

Outreach and Engagement Associate

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