My esteemed listmates,

Has anyone used Zoom + an attached webcam to record themselves reading text
into the Zoomed webcam?

I thought I'd give Zoom a try at reading text in so I'm looking at the
screen with text (in Word or Writer) and cheating toward the desktop's

That might avoid the awkward eye shifting I discovered when I used our DSLR
Camera + TV screen (both under and next to the camera) connected to a
laptop so the text scrolled on the attached laptop displayed on the large
TV screen for me to read.

I've read this site  -
re: then convert the recorded Zoom "meeting" into an .mp4 file so I can
then edit that Zoom "meeting"in DaVinci Resolve 17 Free.

That site doesn't exactly tell you where on the hard drive I would then
find that converted .mp4 Zoomed "meeting."

Ex. C:\Downloads

Or maybe in the Zoom conversion it converts and then saves that .mp4 file
on the Zoom cloud?

Has anyone edited an .mp4 file converted from a Zoom meeting?

I'm curious if any quality is lost on the conversion from the native Zoom
format to .mp4?

I'm planning on both video recording as I did the other day wth the DSLR
camera but positioning the camera 15-25 feet away so you don't see eye
movement when reading the script in (have to experiment to ascertain how
far away is enough) + I thought I'd try recording a Zoom meeting and see
which works best.

Thank you!


Charles Meyer
Charlotte County Public Library
Port Charlotte, FL