If UofM library already uses LibAnswers (and you trust the SpringShare admins), you might save money by just adding another queue.  That's what our Special Collections/Archive department has done.  We currently have 6 queues for different departments/needs each with different admins, users and settings.  


On Wednesday, May 4, 2022 at 09:04, Matthew Adair eloquently inscribed:

> Greetings everyone -
> We're looking at implementing an email ticket system for our Library (well,
> technically we're an archive, despite the name.) We would be interested in
> hearing what systems other institutions are using and their
> experiences with them. Right now, our strongest candidate is LibAnswers
> from SpringShare. So far, most of the other systems we've looked at are
> geared towards IT or Business/CRM.
> As we've been investigating, a couple of  important pieces of context that
> have cropped are:
>    - We are an independent unit at the University of Michigan. A lot of
>    special collections / archives tend to be part of a larger library at their
>    respective institutions, but we are not.
>    - As an archive, we are non-circulating
> Thanks!
> - Matt
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