I don't know that I can help specifically with the areas you are looking to develop, but I will say that IMO one of the most helpful traits you can have as an IT worker is a willingness to get past any imposter (and/or grandiose) syndrome and admit what you don't know.  Ask questions far and wide (like this one!).  It's not quite as simple as a trait though; There is a skill to it.  Looking for constant help can backfire because, usually, those with the expertise in what you are trying to learn will get annoyed by "lazy questioners".  However, they will often help if they see that you have earnestly sought a solution yourself via referenced documentation, other forum posts and trial and error.  Finding that balance between annoying the experts and beating your head against the wall is where the skill lies.  

I suppose one comment I can make regarding internal customer service... One thing I watch and ask for from my employees is to look beyond what is being requested.  Solving the problem as asked is OK.  Asking the client/user what their overall goal is and/or why they are asking their question is much better.  Users don't know what is possible, so they ask for what they think is the solution to their one little piece.  As the tech, you can (and should) look at the bigger picture for a solution to their problem and potential future problems and maybe make the entire enterprise more efficient along the way.  The techs that tend to stay at the same level and not advance in either position or skills are the ones who don't seek the better solution.  They solve the problem as asked.  Analogy:  If AAA/roadside assistance just jump starts your car when the battery is dead, and doesn't ask any questions about how it died, they can't offer advice that your trunk light is stuck on or your alternator is dead, and they will be back to jump start you again every next week.  Recognize that the expression, "good sysadmins are lazy," doesn't mean they won't work, it means they want to find automated solutions so they don't have to work in the future.  

Hope that helps.  Good luck,

On Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at 17:40, Erica Findley eloquently inscribed:

> All,
> In the past 3 years I have been taking on some System Admin
> responsibilities for our ILS. My area of responsibility is supporting
> Technical Services staff and I do things like troubleshooting,
> configuration, and workflow review. ILS responsibilities are shared by a
> very large team in my library and I am one member of that team.
> I feel like I have good technical skills like knowledge of the ILS, problem
> solving, tenacity, and technical documentation.
> I am looking for some resources to start helping me develop some softer
> skills like setting priorities, collaboration, training, delegation, and
> internal customer service. I feel like I can do better especially in how I
> support people running in to issues.
> I would really appreciate some recommendations from you all for resources
> to help me in these areas.
> Thanks in advance,
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> *Systems & Metadata Librarian*
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