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I second PowerBI.  I attach Excel sheets and a simple Access DB to it.  It's easy to make simple Bar and Pie Graphs, Tree Maps, etc...  There's a calendar table that you may have to create to handle timeframes,  but there's a free desktop version with limited export functionality.

We do not get too granular here,  but I track Total_Items in Counter 5 reports at a monthly/yearly snapshot.


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Microsoft Power BI may be a good choice. Think of it as a web page for Excel Charts. I haven't worked with it in awhile, but I remember there were many ways to display data. I don't remember it being that difficult to use.

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In our Annual Report, our ERL has always provided a detailed list of database /resource usage. It is a ponderous pile of figures which few actually review.

I'm looking at presenting usage data differently this year, and wondering how others may have approached this.
Total ebooks, or articles downloaded- number of logins or searches to our discovery layer...?

Any inspiration out there?



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