For many years, one of our catalogers had a small microfiche viewer on her desk - a Northwest Microfilm model 14.  It was ancient, 100% analog, and perfectly adequate to her work.

A couple days ago it gave up the ghost.  The optics will no longer focus - the physical bits are just worn to the point where they no longer hold their position.

So I'm looking for some kind of small microfiche viewer for her desk.  So far, everything I've found costs thousands of dollars and comes with a ton of features that she doesn't need.

I found one product that looked promising (the F2D Saturn<>).  Something like that might work: it looks simple to operate, it has HDMI out so we could hook it up to a monitor, and it's inexpensive.  Unfortunately, although it claims to support microfiche, I don't think it actually does.  The largest film dimensions it supports are 60x90 mm, when a standard microfiche is 105x147 mm.

So, does anyone have suggestions for an inexpensive fiche reader that'll fit on someone's desk?  Ease of use is important too.

Will Martin

Head of Digital Initiatives, Systems and Services
Chester Fritz Library
University of North Dakota