Hi my esteemed listmates,

I’m trying to ascertain how long in minutes and seconds a certain .gif is?

I didn't create it as I prefer to create .mp4s which are easily viewed with
lots of options in media viewers/editors.

Unlike VLC Media Play which displays the minutes and seconds of an .mp4,
Irfanview doesn’t seem to indicate that. Is there a way in Irfanview to do

If not, what free, downloadable program do you use to view .gifs?

I then tried to open that .gif with the Windows Accessories program Windows
Media Player which opens to a blank page with nothing in its “Library”. I
recall everyone suggesting I don’t waste time with Windows Media Player and
just use VLC Media Player but that won’t play a .gif.

My goal is to convert the .gif to .MP4 to play in VLC, DaVinci Resolve or

I can convert that .gif to .mp4 but I 1st need to know time-wise how long
that .gif is.

Thank you so much.


Charles Meyer

Charlotte County Public Library

Port Charlotte, FL