I administer several Google Groups and this is incorrect - you absolutely
need a Google Account in order to subscribe to *and participate in* any
Google Group. Google's Support page confirms:

Note that this doesn't mean you need a Google *email address*. You can
register any email address with Google and create a Google account - it
does not need to be a Gmail. You can use your institutional address to
create an account with Google and subscribe to lists (and I know many
people who do just that). But you do need to create an account with Google,
and that's going to be a barrier for some people. Up to you to decide if
it's an insurmountable one or not.


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> You would need a Google account to set up your Google Groups but your
> participants don't need to have Google accounts. I administer several
> Google Group lists and 99.8% of the addresses are non-Google.
> Another hosted solution to consider is FreeLists (
> I haven't used them but I've researched them
> for a list I'm considering creating.
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> Hello All -
> We are looking for a hosted listserv option for a few small lists. We
> don't think google groups will work as it is our understanding that users
> need to have a google affiliated account in order to post to groups (and if
> we are wrong about that I'd love to know it!)
> Does anyone have any recommendations? We have no infrastructure so this
> needs to be a fully hosted service (i.e. we can't run mailman ourselves).
> This looked like a potential option -
> - but would prefer to talk to someone who uses it or something similar. Any
> suggestions welcome.
> Thanks!