Fellow Code4Libbers --

Sincerest apologies for such late notice, and I fully accept responsibility if this is laughably late notice, but are there any kind souls out there that would like to serve as a Helper for any part of a Data Carpentry Workshop that we are hosting at Oak Ridge National Laboratory? We are covering Spreadsheets, OpenRefine, Python, and SQL for Ecologists (although I've been told that the Ecology part of things doesn't really matter so much). Helpers really just need to be comfortable with the tech, less so with the scientific discipline. 

Here's the comedy: our workshop starts tomorrow at 10:00am EST.  We are going 10-3 tomorrow, and then 9-3 on Wednesday and Thursday.  

I have had a couple of would-be volunteer helpers drop out over the weekend, so I am feeling slightly desperate.  I would gladly accept help for any part of the workshop, so please do not feel like it's an all-or-nothing kind of deal. 

Many many thanks for considering, and please let me know if you have any questions.  

Tyler Martindale
Research Librarian
Oak Ridge National Laboratory