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The OPF invites you to join us for our next webinar:

Harmony In The Field of Digital Preservation: A Review of the Landscape; and a Landscape to the Future

Thursday 04 May at 14:00 CEST | 13:00 BST


Bernhard Hampel-Waffenthal (Austrian Library Network), and Ross Spencer (Ravensburger AG)


In December 2022 Bernhard and Ross developed a digital preservation survey to try and understand harmonies in digital preservation. The survey focused on experiences on open source projects with a view to understanding what it might look like to bring a team together to work on a shared project in the future. Seeking to develop the broadest possible view, the survey asked developers, and non-developers, and everyone in between to help build a picture of the landscape today. In this webinar Bernhard and Ross are excited to share the results with the wider community, and begin a discussion about what the results mean, and what a future shared and open-source work effort might look like.


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