The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) is inviting the digital preservation community to submit nominations of at-risk digital materials to its 2023 edition of the ‘Bit List’ by Friday 30th June.


A free-to-access and open resource for digital preservation advocacy, the DPC's Global Bit List of Endangered Digital Species (or Bit List for short) is a community-sourced list of at-risk digital materials which is revised every two years. Entries to the list are nominated by the community, who are at the forefront of digital preservation efforts, and reviewed by international organizations which represent global expertise in the preservation of the listed digital species.


By compiling and maintaining the Bit List, the DPC aims to equip digital preservation practitioners with independent evidence that digital materials are critically endangered, and that action is required, in order to support their targeted advocacy efforts.


“Using the Bit List made our case for digital preservation much stronger when we could to point to an independently verified resource which also provides recommendations for good practice against each of the entries,” explains Leo Konstantelos at the University of Glasgow.


Current entries include content types like social media or specific file formats; media types like floppy disks or obsolete optical media; or data from specific contexts like politically sensitive content or community archives which are not at risk for any technical reason but reside in unstable contexts. Nominations to the Bit List 2023 could combine any or all of these themes.


Read more and make a new nomination by 30th June here


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